About us

About us

Teyaseer was established in 2020 as an optional, free service offered to any UAE National that is eligible for the Abu Dhabi Government National Housing and Scheme. At Teyaseer, we strive to ensure all National Housing Loan recipients have a happy experience during their journey to design and build their dream home.

Teyaseer provides 'best-practice' advice to our customers at all stages of their design and build journey. We are also a partner to the Abu Dhabi supply chain, working together to enhance the construction sector for the good of the Abu Dhabi people.



A Brief Overview of Teyaseer


To enable any Emirati family to have a happy experience when designing and building their dream home with the National Housing Scheme.


Act as the Centre of Excellence for best-in-class delivery of design and build villas in Abu Dhabi.

Provide rigorous assurance to the construction process    to ensure best-value for money is achieved for each project.

Incubate and monitor vendors and contractors that supply services to the development of Emirati housing.

Bring innovative thinking that pushes the boundaries for Emirati Housing in the UAE.


Happiness of the customers: Embed and sustain a culture of happiness for customers.
Respect: Appreciate customers and colleagues alike, and offer courtesy to all.
Innovation: Building a culture of innovation in everything we do.
Leadership: Perform a pivotal role in enhancing and activating the construction sector.
Team spirit: Work with the spirit of one team.
Transparency: Make information easily available and clear to all.