Vendor Registration and Prequalification

Vendor Registration and Prequalification

Teyaseer’s ambition is to improve the overall performance of the Abu Dhabi supply chain by building strategic partnerships with vendors to enhance the customers experience in building their dream villa.

Teyaseer is seeking, through the vendor pre-qualification programme to engage with Design Consultants, Supervision Consultants and Contractors (vendors) with proven qualifications and experience in sustainable villa design and construction to provide services for Customers of the National Housing Scheme (NHS). Once pre-qualified with Teyaseer, your company will have:

  1. The opportunity to tender for Teyaseer NHS villa projects through a fair and equitable pre-qualification process;
  2. Access to ‘best practice’ knowledge, guidance, controls, tools, and templates to improve outcomes for Teyaseer customers; and,
  3. Access ‘Teyaseer Vendor Incubation’ services that aim to support your business to grow sustainably.

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Want to start prequalification?

If you are a Design and Supervision Consultant or Contractor and would like to begin the Teyaseer prequalification process to gain access to Customers of the NHS, please check the 'Start Now' option below and you will be redirected to Teyaseer's online registration form.